My next trip will be to Las Vegas

…for Affiliate Summit West. It’ll be the usual: meetings all day, parties all night. I wrote a story for BAW with tips on surviving a conference. But that’s not at all what I’m worried about. I’ve survived Vegas twice already. I’m more concerned about what I’m wearing.

As a rule, I usually pack dresses for my business trips — for the day set and the night set. Sometimes, depending on the location (like Santa Barbara) I’ll wear a day-to-night dress… Calvin Klein and Donna Rico are good for this kind of thing. Anyway, I go to 5 conferences per year and I have exhausted my existing rotation of dresses. I need new ones.

Dresses for work

And party dresses

Author: Quia Querisma

Quia Querisma is a designer shoe-wearing digital diva, jetsetting boulevardierre, and freelance writer who's teaching you how to pack like a freaking ninja.

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