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A fitness post is oh so timely, considering that it’s a new year, right?

I don’t know about you, but travel brings out the worst in my eating habits: concourse food en route to the gate, excessive caffeine intake while trying to keep up with a hectic schedule, being away from my favorite group fitness classes, and in the case of business travel—meals with colleagues that include rich foods and alcohol.

For many of us, especially those with a newly-adopted fitness regimen, being taken away from the routine you created is enough to derail days, even weeks of positive progress. If fitness hasn’t become ingrained in your lifestyle yet, too much time away will lead to disappointment. That’s why I compiled a few fitness trips for travelers, to help keep your routine from going awry.

Drink water. This is one of the simplest things you can do to stay on track. Personal trainer Kali of says, “If I’m eating something savory, I’ll sip a lot of water before and during. I also like to make sure that I get to the good [food] first. Taste it, savor it, and resist the urge to over-indulge.”

Mind your portions. You’ll notice that at some fast food joints, the small drinks are the mediums of 10 years ago. Portion sizes in the United States are just too big overall. Your food should not arrive on a platter—and then cover the entire surface. Generally speaking, no items on your place should exceed the size of your fist.  Read nutrition information on packages. You’d be surprised that you’re more often than not, you’re probably eating two or three times the suggested serving size.

Make time to move. Not all hotels have gyms, so that’s your cue to rise a little early, strap on those running shoes and go for a run or brisk walk around the area. If you don’t know the city well, just circle the hotel block a few times. If you have access to Amazon video or iTunes, you can stream a fitness video and just do the moves in your room. Yoga doesn’t require any real equipment (use a towel for a mat or spring for a pair of Yoga Paws), and videos like “8 Minute Abs” and the “30 Day Shred” will allow you to squeeze in a workout without too much of a time suck. P90X instructor Jamila M. Williams also suggests traveling with resistance bands if you want to step up your in-room workouts. For a soundtrack, she looks to the Fit Radio app which has playlists designed for working out.

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Author: Quia Querisma

Quia Querisma is a designer shoe-wearing digital diva, jetsetting boulevardierre, and freelance writer who's teaching you how to pack like a freaking ninja.

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